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I just received my daughter’s binder and I am beyond impressed!! It is absolutely perfect... As an educator, I love the fact that you covered ALL subjects!! The ziploc baggies attached to each task to keep the velcro pieces together, is ingenious. Once she moves into the next level of learning, I’ll definitely be placing another order! Thanks again for a job well done!!!

Brandi Caple

I can't find the words to express the excitement & fun my girls are having in these new workbooks! My husband & I can't thank you enough, best $70 I've spent this whole month in quarantine. Keep walking in your purpose. Kids are continuing to learn & this is making life easier for teleworking parents.

Quinn Davis

I JUST GOT MY PACKAGE AND OMMMMMGGGGGG! THEY ARE EVEN BETTER IN PERSON! I love them. We all love them! They will be a part of our morning routine now and I’m so excited! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! And I will tell everyone I know that has tiny humans about them!

Danielle Jackson



Helpful Information


How long is production?

Production can take up to 14 business days. Binders are then shipped via USPS priority mail which is typically 2-day shipping.

Which level binder should I choose for my child?

The first step is to read the description of each binder. If your child knows the majority of the information in one binder, you should purchase the next level.

Where are the upper case letters?

There is not uppercase letter practice in the binders. This is because 95% of written text is in lowercase letters. Visual recognition of lowercase letters first, will be more helpful than that of uppercase. It makes sense to teach the letters that appear most frequently first.

Why include high-level science in the pre-k/kinder binder?

The purpose of the binder is to elevate learning which is why pages increase in difficulty from beginning to end. We believe our children are mathematicians and scientists hence the need to know what is in a science lab. We do understand that this is not something that would be taught in the average pre-k or kinder classroom, but our children are above average.

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