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Counting On

Counting On

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Number Find

A  wellness guide with a few tips and tricks to help you navigate yet another NEW normal as students head back to school.

Teaching your child math opens up a world of possibilities. This foundational skill of starting at a number and counting on is vital. Knowing how to count on will help with counting money and groups of objects. 


Write a number in the first square. Add any number of objects (coins, counters, stamps or stickers) to the rectangle, count on then write the new number. 


We wrote in the first number for you and left the rest blank so you can change the first number as often as you’d like— this activity can go on and on!

This is a simple math activity. Print and laminate for durability. Roll a die, count, and use a rubber band to circle the number OR use a dry erase marker. 


⏫Elevate⏫ Use two dice to do addition or subtraction. You can even do this with multiplication or division. The number grid just needs to reflect numbers that will be added, subtracted, or multiplied. You can even use three dice to practice adding 3 numbers. 

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