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Color Chemistry Book

Color Chemistry Book

Color Chemistry with Haqq and Mali is an interactive story coloring book. It is perfect for children of all ages. It is designed to increase children’s love of science, art and reading. 


Read. Color. Learn. Create. 


Thursday has arrived and Haqq and Mali are thrilled to go to Mrs. Medinah’s science class. Mali wants to learn about rainbows, but Haqq does not think that is science. They quickly learn that there is science in rainbows. They hurry with glee to science class to see what they will learn today. Color Chemistry helps children understand how water can travel by using simple language to teach about a complex science term, capillary action. 


The book contains five science experiments about color. The joy of learning about science is now in a story book and the thrill of coloring has been added as a sprinkle on top to make learning fun and easy.

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