Pre-K Elevated Learning Binder

Pre-K Elevated Learning Binder

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This Elevated Learning Binder teaches shapes, colors, numbers, counting, letters, ten frame, fractions and more. The binder is personalized with the child’s first and last name. Each binder contains laminated sheets that create durability to be able to use over and over again. Some sets use dry erase (sold separately) markers to practice tracing and writing, while most sets use velcro to help give learners a hands on experience when matching the correct answers. These learning sheets give little ones a new way to learn and explore through play. We believe in learning through play and playing to learn. Elevate your child’s learning with this binder!



Pre-K Binder Pages

Spell First name

Spell last name

Write first name

Write Last name

Match colors

Match shapes

Match groups 1-10

Match coins

Ten frame

Write lowercase letters

Match lower case letters

Sort beginning sounds


    THIS BINDER IS CUSTOMIZED! Please add first and last name of child in note section. If a name is not provided via the notes section or email, the binder will be sent WITHOUT A NAME. 14 DAY PRODUCTION TIME.


    At The Learning Cove, the Elevated Learning Binders you purchase are personalized. Unlike a book or a t-shirt, you can't (really) return something with your child's name alre